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Vivienne Constad in association with “LET Medical”

Training in North Carolina took place this September

Our training in Association with LET Medical for use of the technology of Cosmodic Professional device, took place this September in Waynesville North Carolina.

The lady that brought us to Waynesville North Carolina is Diannah Beauregard, a former patient, client and friend of LET Medical LLC and Vivienne Constad.

In 2005 Diannah had visited the UK and become interested in Cosmodic — S.C.E.N.A.R. and my work.

She has been following and working with her own device since that time.

Diannah lives in the mountains of Waynesville NC. She is a highly accomplished Jeweller and her work is involved with creating special pieces of jewellery to order for the individual using precious gems and metals. Her interest is taken much with ancient tribal accents in a very spiritual way. She also works at bringing awareness and fundraising for worthy community based charities.

At the start, a couple of years ago we thought it would be a good idea to arrange an event dedicated to COSMODIC and SCENAR-therapy, and we had thought Waynesville a wonderful place to stay and give simple presentations, and our main objective had been simply to bring attention to a small number of people who needed help, although we had considered the possibility of training anyone that was interested. However since that time and due to popular demand we decided to promote training and just go for it!!

We were fortunate to have been looked after by the most wonderful Inn-keepers, Ron and Rachel Reid at the Andon-Reid Inn.

Their Inn is situated on a beautiful mountainside a short walk from the town centre.

From our first presentation the WORK began.

We had conditions ranging from cardio-vascular system disorders, autonomic nervous system disorders, diabetes, to skeletal issues, normal aches and pains and obesity, to name but a few. Andrea Thomson, my student, came with me as my assistant and we did treatments from the very first days.

After having worked with a number of clients we were invited to set aside a further training day, (we had after all anticipated one) as there were those, who were wishing to continue treatment in our absence and therefore some local Practitioners might take it on.

Very soon we had arranged the second training day. They were both very successful and from these days two local Practices providing treatment with COSMODIC therapy opened. (Contact details at the end of the article)

Each of the days were fruitful, we all worked extremely hard but had a good time and lots of fun.

We managed to find time to make a group photo on one occasion but not on the other, however we spent some social time celebrating our efforts at nearby restaurants at the end of our day.

Most of our people here have stayed in touch and will be sending their cases to us.

On each presentation day we were fortunate enough (as so were they) to have had an emergency occur in our midst, an ideal opportunity to demonstrate just how dramatic an effect Cosmodic can have. I am sure this contributed to the sudden interest that followed.

All in all, our experience there was magical and we could not have planned for a better outcome. 50% of students were professional doctors - dentists and Practitioners, the others — home users.

We left the area with two new working Practices and a number of patients who are now able to continue their treatment and are already getting great results.

Plus our guests from further away already practicing.

Contact details for the COSMODIC-therapy Practitioners in the NC area are:

Rose Schilling-Motter
phone number: 828-246-8489